NANO NOW! is the European Project focused on spreading information about the high-tech content of nanotechnology. The main intention of the project is to create  a unique knowledge base about the nanotechnology which will be placed on the online platform as easy access for everyone.
Due the knowledge platform the audience will have the chance to find the relevant information about nanotechnology, understand its content and transform achieved information in their work, future studies and everyday life. The four main outcomes that the partnership is going to produce in order to accomplish those objectives of the project are the following:

Output 1

Current Status of the Nanotechnology

For the project success it is very important to get all available information which can be found, about actual situation of the nanotechnology in the partner countries and EU as a whole.

The first intellectual output (IO1) is a report including two areas that will be prepared from all partner countries and EU as well:
1) Report on current EU & National support of the Nanotechnology by educational ministries and legal systems
2) Report on EU & National educational systems and it´s the implementation of the Nanotechnology in the educational systems

The final result will be the summary report which covers all areas mentioned above.

Output 2

Expert interviews and specific research in the field of education in Nanotechnology context

Other step is to lay the background for the development of the content of nanotechnology. The main purpose is to find out what the situation among the manufacturing companies is like.

The second intellectual output (IO2) includes two following areas:
1)  Expert interviews with the competent employees of the manufacturing companies
2) Specific research the innovative solutions for manufacturing companies

The final result will be the summary report  which cover all areas mentioned above.

Output 3

Nanotechnology NOW! Development of the specialized texts

The goal is to create suitable and effective learning materials for the NANO NOW! curriculum that are tailored to target-group’s learning preferences. The learning materials will be based on the structure of the curriculum and will support in understanding the content, also will show how to transform all that information in the practical way.
The third intellectual output (IO3) will cover the results of IO1 and IO2 such as educational differences, gaps, expert interviews and much more.
The results of the survey will be summarized in a report that will be accessible
on the project website. Thus other educational organizations can use the research for their own learning materials developed also after the end of Nanotechnology NOW!.

Output 4

NanoTech Online knowledge platform development

Final part is to develop the online platform with learning materials of results from the IO1, IO2 and IO3 which will serve as a digital open library for educating target group in the field of nanotechnology. As most people use smartphones the second part is to develop mobile access to the knowledge platform.
The fourth intellectual output (IO4) and main result of the project will be online knowledge platform with mobile access for easier way to educate everyone.